+ 'scientists have recently discovered a new species of lizard', craig ferguson shares, 'its six foot tall and lives in the philippines. i'm surprised they havent given it a name yet. they will name it after the dude that discovered them. thats probably something like steve the lizard or something. thats why guys become scientists, so they can discover stuff and name it after themselves. they dont become scientists to meet girls. you dont say 'hey baby, wanna come back to my place and see my six foot lizard. actually... that might work! now, the biggest lizard of all is, of course, the dinosaur. dinosaur is greek for 'terrible lizard'. what are you laughing at hobos? that true! 'when do we get our chicken?' ill tell you when you get your chicken! now, my son is just at the age now, he's almost 9 years old, he loves dinosaurs. every young boy loves dinosaurs, i did. now he's always showing me pictures of dinosaurs and asking me what their names are, and i dont know. so i just make stuff up. 'that son, is a thesaurus. that dinosaur can tell you any word and another word that means the same as that one...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: salchichas- sausages!

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