+ 'its not such a good day for the republican party', craig ferguson shares, 'there are two documents showing the GOP spent two grand at a lesbian theme bondage club right here in LA. i'm not making this up! i didnt even know there was one in LA- i've been here 15 years, where the hell is this place? the GOP clearly stands for gettin' it on party. listen, contrary to what you might think, i actually admire the old school ways, you know, 'lets raise some money, get drunk and watch hot chicks spank each other!' heres what happened: during a fundraising trip to california, some young republicans took the party credit card. they have their own credit card?!? 'is this your credit card?' 'no, its my dads..' they took the credit card to a club in west hollywood called 'voyeur', i've never heard of this place, but it has topless waitresses and live dancers putting on bondage shows. usually when republicans find themselves in dark rooms with whips and chains and bondage gear and stuff its in dick chaney's basement! you know the democrats have been very quick to react to all of this, president obama is calling it shocking, and vice president biden said it was disgusting, and bill clinton is saying 'finally, a place i can take hillary...'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: peludo- hairy!
+ prince charles' daytime talk show

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