+ 'the big news today is that one of the earth's islands has vanished!' craig ferguson shares, 'i'm not kidding about this. its not one of those david copperfield pranks, its not one of those 'so long, catalina!' things. rising sea levels in the indian ocean have caused an entire island layer to vanish! its like that hole in the o zone layer. remember that? i stopped using hair spray for weeks! yesterday ben and jerry's was giving away free ice cream, today an island disappears. i'm thinking is a roller coaster week for al gore 'so happy- so alarmed! so happy!' you want to clap, but you've been shamed into not clapping. you shouldnt be afraid of the clap... the island that disappeared is called new moore island. i guess its called no more island now. its a controversial island, its been causing trouble between india and bangladesh. they almost came to war over this island. now, the last thing anybody wants is a war between india and their neighbors because india has nuclear weapons and its got all the tech support guys who know how to use it!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: isla- island!

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