+ 'its a great day here in california, and thats because its cesar chavez day today,' craig ferguson announces, 'today we celebrate the life of the civil rights leader who had a very big effect on this state. california is the most productive agricultural state in the country. when people think of california they think gay hippies in san francisco, complete duech bags in LA, and they are right. but also, in the bits between san fransicso and LA we have some of the best carrots and tomatoes, the best marijuana crop... now i have your attention, hobos! in the 1970s cesar chavez famously supported the boycott of california grapes. back then if you wanted grapes in california you had to smuggle them in from other states. i've smuggled grapes before, back when i wore speedos... 'is he smuggling grapes?' 'no, he's just european'. anyway, cesar chaves spent most of his life in california's central valley. now, the central valley in california is less then 1 percent of america's farmland, but it produces eight percent of our agricultural output. it is the best farmland in the country. it is the peabody award of farming, if you know what i mean, and i think you do if you are smart enough to know what i mean..'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: primavera- spring!

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