+ 'the new fashion trend sweeping the fashion world is gray hair!' craig ferguson shockingly states, 'i was like wha? no way! there was a headline in the new york times. that means its true. actually the only people who read the new york times have gray hair... its true, all over new york and paris the models are dying their hair gray. we even have a picture of kate moss with gray hair. it might be dyed gray, she might have just fallen asleep in her cocaine. wait wait wait. you dont fall asleep in cocaine. you dont fall asleep until the cocaine is done. and then, its a little bit after the cocaine is done. and i'm not making that up, i speak from experience. i did not sleep in 1991.
+ craig's spanish word of the day: arbol- tree!
+ craig has an ipad, and he has one of the employees from apple to talk about it: betty white!
- kunal nayyar
= slash!

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