+ 'it is, of course, april fools day today,' craig ferguson reminds us, 'happy april fools day, everybody. this is the day when people with absolutely no sense of humor take upon themselves to be hilarious. i hate april fools day, i do, i cant stand it. people believe they can be forgiven anything if you say 'april fools!'. you cant. you cant take your pants off at starbucks and then when the cops arrive yell 'april fools!' you cant. you will be arrested. and i know that because i learned it today... the way i feel about april fools day is the same way i felt about new years eve when i was drinking. i never drank on new years eve because everybody else was drinking on new years eve. i was like 'awe, its amature night out there, they dont know what they are doing!'. no one really knows how april fools day started, there is literature going back hundreds of years that associates april the first with trickery. chauser wrote in the Canterbury tales back in 1392, he wrote that april the first is the day the rooster, chante claire, was tricked by the fox. aw, you are enjoying this, arent you hobos! 'ah, finally something about the Canterbury tales!'. chante claire is described by chauncer as, and i quote, 'a vain cock'. you cant touch me, censors, its literature!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: brillante- shiny!
- robin williams very funny!
* philosopher jonathan dancy (claire danes' father-in-law)

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