+ 'although its a great day for america, its a sad day for pigs', comments craig ferguson, 'pigs are lovely, very intelligent animals, but unfortunately for them, they are delicious. and today kfc restaurants have announced something called the 'double down'. yeah, its a gamble all right! its two slabs of fried chicken with bacon in the middle. well, why not. we're all getting free health insurance- why not?! its awesome, its basically a three way between two chickens and a pig! i think theres a website for that actually, porkysdream.com. i cant believe i'm saying this, bacon is now a trendy food stuff. its not just fast food, if you go to any high end restaurant in hollywood, which i dont, but if you do they have bacon all over the menu. you open the menu, bacon falls out in your lap. if you want to tip your waiter, you just stuff bacon in his pants. 'there you go, toots, get yourself something nice'. its true- bacon is the new cocaine!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: tocino- bacon!
- tim gunn
- kathy kinney

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