+ 'its a great day here at this show, because tonight we unveil the first robot skeleton sidekick ever on television', craig ferguson shares, 'i've never had a companion on this show. well, i might have had a companion, i just never knew because of the crappy lighting. there could have been companions lurking all the time! i'll get the robot skeleton sidekick tonight, and all i need now is the robot band! imagine a band that never breaks up, always plays the same song for hundreds of years, it would be like the rolling stones! anyway, before we start and before i introduce you to the robot sidekick properly, cbs legal department insists i make the following disclaimer: in the event that geoff peterson goes berserk and attacks the hobo audience tonight, you should form a single line and make your way to the emergency exit behind you. dont worry, there is only an 80% chance this will happen...'+ after a little video showing how geoff peterson got from grant's workshop to craig's show, craig and geoff chatted for a little bit. after some dicey back and forth, craig lets the audience know 'hey, i'm committed to this...'

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