hobo audience

recently craig ferguson has taken to calling his audience hobos. why? i'm not entirely sure, he seems to think that only hobos would be willing to sit in the audience and watch his show! as someone who has been in the audience before, it is certainly not the case! (well, i dont consider myself a hobo anyway...) since they are hobos, craig has been making them the promise of free chicken if they behave themselves.
'the audience tonight is really hyped up at the promise of some free chicken!' craig ferguson shares, 'oprah gives out cars, we give out the possibility of free chicken! now, wait, you must know this: i have never yet gave out the free chicken because no audience has ever deserved it. but tonight things may change. or maybe, i'll be sending a chicken around to your place. and when i say 'sending a chicken around to your place' i think you know what i mean... hey baby, can i send a chicken around to your place? yup, still creepy!'

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