+ craig has a sit down chat with geoff peterson before the show: craig walks in 'hey geoff, are you ok? i got your call, and your voice sounded funny on the phone'
'i feel very bad' says geoff.
'whats wrong? have you had enough today?' craig asks.
'i sucked on the show last night' geoff states.
'no, no, you were great. alright, it was a bit rough. but it was your first night.' craig comforts, 'i remember a certain scottish entertainer who started off with a rocky start but it all worked out in the end.'
geoff says 'i love susan boyle'.
'not susan boyle, me! i was terrible on this show when i first got it, but after a while i got comfortable at it and started to enjoy myself.' geoff says 'but you still suck, i want to be good.' 'geoff, geoff, tv isnt about being good, its about being confident. look at all the greats: dr. phil- not good, but confident. geraldo- crap, but with a confident moustache. ryan seacrest- dumber than a can of paint, but you wouldnt know and why? because he's confident. you want to be a tv star, geoff? you have to forget any ideas about quality or intelligence, you just look down that camera, geoff, and you own how bad you really are. and be proud!' shares craig
'are you sure?' asks geoff.
'of course i'm sure- i may suck, but i suck with pride!' responds craig.
'like one of those dyson vacuum cleaners' says geoff.
'exactly, you go out there tonight buddy, and you show everyone you've got the proper amount of suction!'
+ criag's spanish word fo the day: esqueleto- skeleton!

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