+ 'its a great day for me personally', craig ferguson admits, 'i'm in the number one movie in america! how to train your dragon. you cant see me in it, but my voice is in it. how to train your dragon is number one in the box office, and alice in wonderland is number two. so, i'm on top of jonny depp. i guess dreams do come true! the nice thing about being a voice in a cartoon is that if its crap i can deny that it was me. 'nay, it wasnt me, it was nathan lane...' how to train your dragon made a lot of money this weekend. of course, that doesnt mean it good. actually, thats not true. in this case it does mean its good. i take back everything i ever said about box office not equalling quality. take that, me. it made one bazzilion dollars. after going over my contract and looking to see how much i get, i get zilch, nada, and bupkis. thats the name of the law firm zilch, nada, and bupkis, that made my deal for the movie. thanks a lot lawyers... i play a viking in this movie. the older vikings in this movie have scottish accents. and some people are saying 'thats ridiculous! vikings dont have scottish accents!' i say to them 'how do you know? have you ever meet a viking? then shut the hell up!' it might not be historically accurate, but if you believed everything you saw in cartoons you would think that vikings had scottish accents, that acme products were dangerous, and you could run on air as long as you dont look down!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: pelicula- movie!
+ steve jones diary

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