craig wins an award!

looks like craig ferguson is being recognized for his humor!  recently craig said that he went up to canada to accept a comedy award.  'i'd like to thank my agent and my friend geoffrey peterson, and all the little people', craig ferguson began at the top of a recent episode of the late late show, 'yesterday something very rare happened in my life: i won an award!  it is actually a very prestigious award, from the bamff world media festival in canada, its a very big deal, its the sir peter ustinov award for comedy.  its actually a very prestigious award, however, our canadian friends are not given to such flashy showmanship the way we like to do things here.  so, when i went all the way to canada yesterday to get the award, they gave it to me, and here it is!'  craig says, then shows off the rather small award.  'i'm very greatful for it, its a lovely award.  the good thing about it is that its canadian, so its cleaver, they are like 'so we are giving you an award, but it doesnt mean you're great, eh.  its lovely, so its really going to look out of place here!'

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