+ 'its the big sporting event of the year for me', craig ferguson shares, 'tonight was the finals of the scripts national spelling bee.  i live for it, i l-i-v-e for it!  the finals were broadcast on espn.  wouldn't you think something like this would be on the learning channel?  then again, you wouldn't think the learning channel would show something like honey boo boo either!  now with spell check, some people think that spelling is of little use, its because on of those skills that have become obsolete.  like repairing steam engines, or like hosting a network talk show.. its become an obsolete thing.  anyway, people forget that spell check can only tell you if you spelled correctly, not if you are using the correct word.  i found that out the hard way when i asked friends to meet me at the pubic library.  geoff was the only one that showed up!  i didn't even invite him, he was already there, leafing through the periodicals...  anyway, the winner of the spelling bee wins thirty thousand dollars cash!  i cant imagine what i would have spent that kind of money on when i was fourteen.  yes i can- cocaine!'
- jeff garlin
- anne heche

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