+ 'there's a new book out today', craig ferguson states, 'i know what your thinking, 'craig, what's a book?'  well, imagine its a blog printed out all over on bits of paper.  imagine loads of text messages all smooshed together!  the new book out today called 'joy land' is by an up and coming author named stephen king.  now, stephen king is getting a lot of flack because he refuses to release the book digitally.  he doesn't want you reading it on a tablet or phone.  its only coming out on pages made of paper.  take that trees, you leafy wooden bastards!  i think that if stephen king doesn't want to put out an electronic version of the book he shouldn't have to.  he's a great american writer, he has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants.  but when he started out, critics did not like his books.  over time though, things changed.  just like this show, minus the part about things changing...  king's new book joyland takes place in a creepy old amusement park.  its about a carnie.  carnies are terrifying, except carnie wilson, who is adorable.  with or without the stomach staples she is just lovely!'
- bill maher
-> cat cora

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