+ 'a new movie is out today that i'm very excited about', craig ferguson states, 'it doesn't have any superheroes or space ships or vin diesels or any of that, which means no one will go see it.  its called 'now you see me' and its about everyone's favorite subject: magic!  'now you see me' is a phrase often used by magicians, like 'hocus pocus', or 'abra kadabra', or 'where's everybody going?'  its not that difficult to be a magician, all you need is a cape, a top hat, and a willingness to sell your soul to satan in exchange for mystical powers.  and by 'mystical powers' i mean an endless stream of colorful handkerchiefs!  magic has changed over the years, i used to like the old school magicians.  i don't like modern day magicians, they don't even do magic!  david blaine, 'i'm going to hold my breath for 17 days'.  that's not magic, that's a remedy for hiccups!'
- kathy griffin
- scott adsit
= bad rabbits

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