+ 'there's a huge scandal in washington', craig ferguson shares, 'its been a very rough couple of weeks for obama.  this comes on the heels of the irs scandal, and before that it was ben gazi.  even the crack head mayor of toronto was like 'rough week, ehe?'  next we'll find out that obama was behind last week's game of thrones wedding!  phone hacking, the reality is that both republicans and democrats in congress have both come out in defense of collecting this data.  as every good american knows, when republicans and democrats agree on something in congress, it is time to be very very worried indeed!  they are evil.  'but craig, they are democratically..'  yes, i know what they are, but they are evil.  congress actually gave the white house authority to spy on the phones under president bush.  but experts say that the cell phone snooping go as far back as president clinton.  it wasn't as organized back then, it was just clinton dialing up women going 'what are you wearing?'.'
- betty white
- sarah paulson

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