+ 'its a great day today for mick jager', craig ferguson states, 'but when isn't it though?  the rolling stones are in the biggest tour in the world, even though mick is 69 years old, he's still doing great!  what mick jager said in an interview, he said he keeps in shape by, and this answer may surprise you: he does ballet!  ballet is a great way to keep in shape.  he said he's been doing ballet for years, its got to be tough at his age, he's 69 years old!  his testicles must be dragging around on the floor!  dragging around his testicles like a ship's anchor!  a ship's anchor, but with less barnacles!  by the way, you know les barnacles?  he works in international marketing...  anyway, whatever mick jager is doing its working, he says he has a 28 inch waist, he's the only man who's waist is smaller than his mouth!  it shouldn't be any surprise that mick jager is in to ballet, next think you know we will find out that bono loves to riverdance!
- valerie bertinelli
- adam ray

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