+ 'hey, did you see the country music awards earlier tonight?' craig ferguson asks, 'i haven't seen it yet because we're live, don't tell me, but i'm really hoping that the guy with the cowboy hat and the big belt buckle wins!  he's my favorite!  when he sings that song about things going wrong, it gets me every time!  he's like 'things were goin' right, then they went wrong.  things were all messed up inside, but i'm gonna just keep movin'.'  i think i just won a country music award!  anyway, the country music awards, they gave a life time achievement award to whiskey this year as well, for contributions to country music.  whiskey, tequila, and pot- the big three!  well, for willie nelson anyway.  the country music awards, no one goes home empty handed, the winners get trophies and the losers have something to write about for their next song!  a lot of big stars at the cmt's, rumor was that taylor swift was going to make an appearance in something shocking- like a stable relationship!  take that, innocent girl i've never met!'
# sanjay gupta
= gretchen wilson

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