+ 'here in l.a. everyone is in panic mode', craig ferguson shares, 'were are all kind of 'ahhh!'  because its carmageddon 2 this weekend!  yeah, no one gives a rats ass.  for those of you who dont live in l.a., first of all, congratulations, and secondly, let me explain to you what carmageddon is.  its what the local media is calling this weekend because one of our main freeways is being shut down for a few days.  yes- carmageddon!  the result of this phenomenon is really bad traffic.  we are all being advised to stay home, not to drive.  the entire population of l.a. is being treated like amanda bynes.  i have to drive this weekend!  if i cant drive i have to walk to my weekend job, and i hate that.  i'm not going to walk five miles in stripper heals!  the goldfish will die!  the freeway thats closing here in l.a. is the 405.  its the main freeway of the city.  its getting some work done.  sooner or later everyone on l.a. takes some time off to 'get some work done'...'
- michael c hall
- martha plimpton

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