+ 'its day three of the rotterdam investigations into the hundred million dollar art heist ' craig ferguson states, 'its the big story that no one else on television is covering.  'why are you covering it, craig?'  because its free! authorities are saying it was a smash and grab robbery rather than the work of professionals.  so basically it was the opposite of that heist movie 'entrapment'.  you know, the one where sean connery trains catherine zeta jones and she maneuvers through the lasers and connery is like 'almosht, but you triped the shylent alarm in my troushers.  i mean of courshe my erecshon.  come over here and disharm it.'  anyway, the big art heist has forced me to take extra precautions with my art collection.  i now have an armed guard watching my posters of cats dressed like victorian english ladies.  i wouldnt want anyone stealing my 'downton tabbies'!'
- kelsey grammer
- casey wilson
ben hague

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