+ 'everyone, of course, is talking about the presidential debate earlier on tonight', craig ferguson states, 'i watched it and wow, my goodness.  i watched it in denver tonight, and wasnt it great?  i liked the part where romney was like 'yeah, tax cuts!'  and obama was like 'boo rich people' and clinton was like 'which one of you needs a wingman for after the debate?'.  personally i think this debate was an instant classic.  people are already calling it 'the full throttle in colorado', 'the talkie in the rockies', the 'ooh, that stings in colorado springs'.  the host of the debate is jim leher, that dude from pbs.  for some reason they chose this dude over elmo.  personally i think they would have been better with elmo.  'elmo wants to know when we will bomb canada'.  anyway, some people always complain that the debate moderators are always asking 'gotcha' questions, but i dont think they are gotcha enough.  i think the candidate should be more surprised   you should lull the candidate into a false sense of security and then pounce.  like you say 'mr. romney, you say you support tax cuts for the middle class, but... team edward or team jacob?  answer the question!'  like that!'
+ a special message from former president bill clinton.
- keanu reeves
* dan riskin

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