+ 'tonight's season premiere of 'jersey shore' was bitter sweet', criag ferguson explains, 'cause its the last one.  mtv says they are ending the show to give the cast members a rest, which is code for 'we are getting our asses kicked by honey boo boo.  let this be a lesson to you, hit tv shows, there is always a younger crappier show ready to take your place.  i'm going to miss the jersey shore kids, what are their names again?  there's ronnie, sammy, vinnie, dickie, sparky, sneezy, dopey, pee pee, tito, and regis.  they all looked so young and cuddly in season one, but you have to admit they are starting to show their age.  it hasnt always been easy going for the jersey shore, some italian american groups were protesting it.  they were saying that the show reinforces negative cultural stereotypes about itailan americans.  their exact words were 'mama mia!  these-a jersey shores are a spicy meatballs!'  anyway, nothing against these jersey shore kids, but i cant believe that show lasted as long as they did.  six seasons, thats longer than the wire was on tv.  thats twice as long as the original star trek.  six seasons, thats six seasons longer than anything on the new nbc schedule- thats terrible! then again, this show is in year eight? nine?  the critics of this show said that we would run out of steam after the first year.  they were absolutely right, of course...'
- roseanne barr
- keke parlmer

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