+ 'of course everyone is still talking about last night's presidential debate',  craig ferguson states, 'i'm not though, you know how i feel about it: the same way as you, viewer.  by this time of night everyone on tv has said everything there is to say, there's no political commentary here.  if you are tuning in to the show for political commentary, you dont deserve any.  you deserve an immigrant  a gay robot, and a horse, and thats what you are going to get!  thats right, tonight you are getting lucky!  watching this show for political commentary would be like watching nightline for the fart jokes, or watching bravo to learn about sports.  it would be like going to amanda bynes for driving lessons, its like going to larry king for marital advice.  all i'm saying is that coming here for political commentary isnt a good idea.  and to be honest, i didnt even watch the debates.  i dont want 'information' getting in the way of my strategy, and thats to vote for the candidate with the prettiest eyes!'
+ a special message from former president bill clinton
# carson kressley
# kay adams
+ what did we learn on the show tonight, prince charles and steve jones from the sex pistols?

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