+ 'its friday of course, everybody', craig ferguson states, 'and a big weekend at the box office.  taken 2 is opening this weekend and i am so excited!  i loved the first one, liam neeson has this great line in the first movie.  he's talking to the bad guys and he goes 'i have a very unique set of skills.  i will find you, and i will kill you.'  its a good thing he played a killer trained by the cia.  the movie wouldnt have been any good if he said 'i have a unique set of skills.  i will find you, and i will repair your washing mashine'.  i love that movie!  my favorite line in the movie is he is trying to convince his ex-wive's new husband stuart to help find his daughter.  this stuart jerk isnt helping. and he says, i'll paraphrase it, but he says 'now is not the time for penis measuring, stuart'.  now, this to me, raises a very important question:  is there every an appropriate time where you go 'you know, now would be a good time for a penis measuring contest'.'
* dr. sanjay gupta
- ginnifer goodwin

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