+ 'i'm in trouble today', craig ferguson admits, 'about a year ago, or more, or less, sometime in the past i had a book come out, its called 'american on purpose', it was my autobiography. i havent read it yet. its the story of my life and my fabulous adventures and my great showbissness pals. anyway, it did really well, it was the number one book in the history of books. people were writing to me and saying this book is more popular than.. oh well, there are other books more popular, obviously. its the most popular showbiz biography about an ex-drunk late night tv show host in america there has ever been! but here's the thing, the paperback of it comes out tomorrow, right? it comes out in hardback first so you can walk around the library looking smart. anyway, the paperback comes out tommorrow and the publishers are like 'craig, you havent done any shameless promotion of the book on your show. when the book came out originally you promoted it and promoted it, but now the paperback is coming out and you havent even mentioned it on the show!' well, i have now!'
+ style tips with tim gunn 80's edition
- russell crowe
= wilco

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