+ 'its may the fourth today, so fans of the movie star wars have declared today star wars day', craig ferguson informs, 'now they do that because its may the fourth, so they can say 'may the fourth be with you'. its a real thing! its a day of observance based on a pun, its like spanksgiving. its a lame idea, but its caught on, star wars today is the number one most popular topic on the twitter, the whole internet is cockahoop with star wars today. anyway, its amazing that a movie from 1977 is still so popular today. when star wars came out everyone raved about the special effects, but thats not the reason its endured so long. its endured because of the characters. they have become iconic, darth vader, obi wan kanobi, that big hairy thing- harrison ford. and the force itself was kind of a character, its an all powerful presence that dominates the entire galaxy. now a days we call it oprah. the movie has been so influential that i'm surprised that the fashion never really caught on. you never really see anyone wearing their hair like lea with the buns on the side. one positive influence these movies had, they had technology. the star wars depicts a world where human and robot interaction is normal, unlike this show. right, geoff?' 'let it go craig' says geoff peterson. anyway, i remember when luke skywalker and ben kanobi go into that bar, and back in 1977 people made a big fuss over that bar scene, cause of all the weird creatures and i never understood why. i was used to bars in scotland. no, i was 15 so i had been going for years. at the star wars bar everyone is drinking and fighting. i'm thinking whats the big deal? no one was vomiting or snorting lines off the tables or having sex against the jukebox. the bars in scotland made the bar in star wars look like chuck e cheese!'
- andy garcia
- donald glover

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