+ 'its a big day for us at this show', craig ferguson shares, 'willie nelson is here tonight, everybody! willie nelson is an artist, an activist, he's a true outlaw. he's been called an outlaw for decades. not just for his attitude, but for his music you see. back in the 1970's country music on the radio was lifeless, bland and corporate. not like now... but then some guys came along: willie nelson, waylon jennings, and some others in the spirit of original hank williams. but basically, an outlaw is someone who doesnt conform, a rebel. and there arent many in music these days, but i can think of three: nick, kevin, and joe. the jonas brothers, yes. why not? they wear purity rings, they dont conform to the rock star lifestyle. what i'm saying is they dont conform to the rock star lifestyle, so why cant they be considered outlaws? its very simple, because their music is crap. its not fair that i make fun of the jonas brothers, thats not fair. i'm sure its very stressful being on top of the disney music chain, there's always somebody younger and more adorable ready to take your place. someone with bigger eyes and a cuter face, someone who's even more adorable than you! it will happen to you too, justin bieber!'
= willie nelson talks and sings
- ellie kemper

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