+ 'its a big day: its national pecan day!' shares craig ferguson, 'its fitting that april the 14th is national pecan day, cause today we recognize nuts. and tomorrow we pay our taxes to support them! ah ha ha! that was an actual joke! take that critics who say late night is afraid to get political. well, we've peaked now, thats it, we've had a joke. anyway, scientists say that eating pecans everyday may reduce your cholesterol. just in case they are right, i wrap all my pecans in a strip of bacon. dont want the balance to be thrown off... anyway, if national pecan day hasnt taken off, i think its because they dont have a mascot. like peanuts, they've got mr. peanut. so i think pecans should have a mascot- sean pecan-erry!
- andie macdowell
# dario franchitti
= dawes

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