+ 'well, its election day in britain', craig ferguson states, 'since i left britain i dont really follow british politics, i am an american now, so i follow american politics. thats why i am a member of *whatever party you support*. i am excited about the british election, im as excited as you are. i'll bet you are as excited about this as mel gibson is about hanukkah. the people of great britain are very anxious about this election. the polls just closed a few hours ago, and it looks like they have a new prime minister, david cameron of the conservative party. the conservative party are like the republicans, except with bad teeth. the current prime minister is gordan brown, he is the labor party, which is kind of like the democrats, but with bad teeth. they are more bleeding gums than bleeding hearts. the wild card in this election is nick cleg, hes a liberal democrats, they are the new guys, sort of like the green party. but a lot of people like nick cleg because he's young, cute, and has all his teeth. british people have never seen anything like this before! 'blimey! whats that in his mouth! his mouth is a row of white shields- its like he's from the future!'
- mark harmon
- sophia bush
= local natives

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