+ 'over the weekend there were huge marches to protest arizona's new immigration law', craig ferguson shares, 'things got out of control here in l.a., up on hollywood blvd people were frisked and given body cavity searches. things got worse when the police showed up! if you dont know about this, arizona's new law says that the police have to ask anyone for immigration papers if 'reasonable suspicion' can be found that they are in the country illegally. 'reasonable suspicion'. what is 'reasonable suspicion'? one arizona law maker said, and i'm not kiddng, illegal immigrants are easy to spot because of their clothes. really? i know it was obvious with me when i got off the place because i was wearing speedoes, of course. i came in from europe wearing my speedoes and my waxed moustache. so as i got off the plane wearing my speedoes a cop had 'reasonable suspicion' i was from somewhere else. he said 'papers', and i thought it was a game so i said 'scissors'. and i got arrested. best damn night of my life. call me, officer delicious!'
+ gardening tips with willie nelson
- morgan freeman
- kate mara

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