+ 'it actually is a great day because it is one of my favorite days of the year', craig ferguson shares, 'if you know anything about me, you will know that this is a day i wait for all year. this is international dance day! this is a real day, its sponsored by the united nations because this is one of the two things that unite the international community. dancing- international dancing, and the international house of pancakes! in the last couple of years there has been a resurgence of the dance movie. i have an idea for a dance movie, its called 'hobo feet'. no, i came up with this idea cause i was in bed lying next to my wife. we sleep in the same bed, we've only been married a couple years so we still sleep in the same bed. she moved and her toe nail scratched my leg, and i was like 'ugh, youve got hobo feet!' and then i thought 'thats a great idea for a dance movie: hobo feet!' a dancer, right, he's a young dancer and he gets drafted into the vietnam war and he comes back and he's seen too much, he cant dance anymore. and he becomes a hobo, and he has feet! he has hobo feet and he lives in a dumpster and he says stuff that they say in a dance movie like 'i didnt give up on my dreams, my dreams gave up on me'. everyone else is like 'what the hell?' and then some young hot dancers are dancing in a parking lot and one of them goes 'wait a minute- your hobo feet!' and he's like 'nah, i aint hobo feet no more. i used to be, but i gave up on my dreams'. and then they all, you know, dance. the ending needs some work, but i think that would be awesome!'
- tom selleck
< lance burton (introduced by neil patrick harris!)

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