+ 'the big movie opening today is 'a nightmare on elm street'.' craig ferguson shares, 'the old nightmare on elm street is considered a classic. it was a big slasher movie. to be honest i'm not much of a fan of slasher movies, i like horror movies, but not so much slashers. theres a difference. see, horror movies are about suspense. they make me scream like a little girl, pee my pants, jump up into the arms of the gentleman sitting next to me. the slasher movies are just blood flowing and things squirting and body parts flying. its like a party at elton johns house. nightmare on elm street will make a ton of money cause elm street is the most common street name in america and when the first movie came out people were actually scared to live on streets called elm street. 'aw, honey, i'm so glad we didnt buy that house on elm street, i feel much safer here on stabby lane'. anyway, the bad guy in the nightmare movies isn't stabby lane, its freddy kruger. he kills people in their dreams, which is never really that scary to me because i know that isnt possible. its impossible to be killed in your dreams, but it is possible to have your dreams killed. it happens to me here every night...'
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- peter sagal

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