+ 'today the big movie opening is iron man 2, i'm very excited about it', shares craig ferguson, 'i'm very excited about it. for those of you who dont know who iron man is, iron man is a super hero who doesnt have any powers. he just has an invincible suit made of iron. i have a suit that makes me feel invincible: it is my birthday suit. it even has a helmet... iron man is actually tony stark. he is a dashing playboy, he's protected by a thick outer shell. kind of like george hamilton. you think about it really, and iron man is just a guy with a pacemaker and iron pants. now, far be it from me to poke holes in the otherwise air tight logic of comic books, but arent there quite simple ways to stop a guy in a suit made of iron? its like 'how can we ever defeat iron man?' 'well, we could use a magnet'. 'what do you mean?' 'well, we will get a magnet and put him on the fridge next to...' now, in iron man 2 scarlett johansson plays the russian spy, cause if you are looking for someone who can sneek around without drawing attention to themselves, you are definitely going to pick scarlett johansson. heres a spoiler alert: she is quite a beautiful person. the bad guy in iron man 2 is played by mickie roarke. who is a fantastic actor and looks quite scary. he is a villian named whiplash, who doesnt sound that scary to me. i dont know what a guy named whiplash would do. maybe he like drive people around and then hits the breaks really hard? 'oh, whiplash got me iron man!' whiplash can only be defeated by one thing: the personal injury lawyer!'
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- seth mcfarlane
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