lately craig ferguson has been getting a bit undressed at the end of his show. he started with just undoing his tie, and now takes off his shoes and socks as well.
craig got comfy, took off his shoes and tie and took a minute to summarize the show for us. here is the summary, and keep in mind, all of this was improvised: 'its getting late everybody, if youve stayed with the show this long, youve got to ask yourself a couple questions- first of all: why? are you really that lonely?!? but i think its been an interesting show, for example, what do you think weve learned tonight? well, weve learned that i shouldnt really drink coffee before the show, or take my extra hit of crystal meth... we had some wonderful guests on the show. aisha tyler was here, and we learned from her that hotel sex is better when there are two people in the room... let me rephrase that, at least two people in the room. we learned that i have one sexual position that i like, or indeed, know. we also learned from sir richard branson that rich people enjoy massage. we learned branson would like me to be the face of earth as we go into space. i think that we have learned that he is clearly insane. but hes very wealthy, so i kiss his ass anyway. we learned that branson founded 'virgin', but aisha tyler is not one.
good night everybody!!!'

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