richard branson

craig welcomes sir richard branson, the founder and chairman of virgin group. he walks in and immediately puts his feet up on craigs desk. craig realizes 'you are hugely wealthy, i should probably suck up to you a bit more' and proceeds to rub bransons shoulders, to which he replies 'not bad!' they then talk about a myriad of subjects, including hot air ballooning, and music. craig mentions one of his favorite albums that branson released, which happened to be the first and the reason for the forming of virgin music in the first place: mike oldfields 'tubular bells'.
craig asks him if he is still involved with the music side of his business and he shares that he is more involved in the space travel side of the business. virgin group has been working on providing zero gravity flights and bringing people up to experience that. he also talks about this new partnership with google, called 'virgle', where they are planning to send a manned space vessel for a one way trip to mars to colonize it. it designed to be a sort of noahs ark, filled with animals and plants and stuff. after much speculation on this idea during the interview, and by my friends and i over the next few days, i came to realize it was just part of an elaborate april fools joke. we all fell for it because it wasnt april 1. well, it wasnt april 1 when it was filmed, but it doesnt air until 12:30am that night, which would make it actually april first... oh, he got us good!
but then, branson does the worst thing you can do on a talk show. he shows terrible etiquette, and walks out as the camera pulls out for the commercial. come on, we know you have billions of dollars and much better things to do, richard, but at least stay until your segment is over...

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