todays monologue theme is animal news! craig ferguson starts by saying today there is some big cat news' which he explains, 'is the late night way of saying 'light news day'.' he says that there was recently born a mix of a leopard and a house cat, which he affectionately refers to as a 'leopuss'. he goes on to share a bit about bird news and llama news. by llama, he means the dalai lama. he then goes on to say that the dalai lamas religion believes in reincarnation. he explains that reincarnation means 'made flesh again' and that its the idea that we come back after we die as someone or something else. he admits 'most people think they used to be someone important like a king or queen, i like to think of myself as a victorian prostitute. not necessarily then, but i mean now i do'.
+ a 'dear aquaman' skit, and then craig goes into talking about what a 'cougar' is. he doesnt mean the cat, rather the newer definition: 'an older woman who is hot to trot for a younger man. they have a word for men who are like that- its called a man!'

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