+ craig ferguson starts off by mentioning that oliver stone is making a new movie about pres bush. most of the cast has been announced, except for vice pres dick chaney. craig jokes that it will be played by elmer fudd!
recently in the news there were some kids who found a parachute in a field in washington state and found a parachute which is believed to have been the parachute used by infamous thief d b cooper, who was never found after he jumped from a plane with $200,000 in stolen cash. 'after the parachute was reported on the news, mc hammer called and said he wanted his pants back.'
+ finally, the return of the prince of late night in england! craig once again portrays prince charles as the host of a late night talk show called 'the rather late programme'. this is a very common bit that he performs, but for the past couple months he has been filming as prince charles out in l.a., but its good to see this silly sketch back in fine form!
- christian siriano from project runway. craig tells him straight: 'your over using the word 'fierce', fierce has to go. may i make a suggestion: how about 'snazzy'?' i love it!!!

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