aisha tyler

craig ferguson welcomes aisha by saying 'my first guest tonight is a beautiful actress and comedienne, which is what you say if someone is a lady, and a comedian. your welcome people who dont know shit.' everyone in the audience laughed at this hysterically! granted, it was edited for tv, but was outrageously funny to hear live.
craig welcomes her in, after they have a seat he comments on her lovely outfit asking her 'are those what the kids are calling 'bloomers'?' she responds 'or knickers, but some times people dont understand you, and it starts fights, so its better to call them bloomers...' puzzled, craig asks 'that starts fights?' she explains 'someone says knickers- what did you call me?!? and it just goes downhill from there...'
the two of them chat about comedy gigs they have done in the past, and one that she is going to soon. craig explains its like an old sizzler restaurant. aisha agrees 'ahh, steak and comedy. people are like 'these shrimp are great- why is that black lady yelling?'.'
they go on to talk about aishas husband, who was her college sweetheart, and how they love to 'get busy' in hotel rooms she says there is just a different mentality to a hotel room, where she asks 'how can i get my dna on every surface of this room?'

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