+ craig is interested in a couple new shows. the first is 'the bachelor' and craig is not too pleased about it. the new guy is from england and full of himself. craig shows a clip of one of the drunken ladies slipping a pair of her underwear into his pants pocket, to which the bachelor explains 'this is not cool'. craig gets a bit flustered, 'i dont know what kind of backwards girly country you come from mac, but from where i come from, that is cool! and if you dont think a drunk woman in a glittery dress putting her underwear into your pocket isnt cool, then get the hell out of america!'
+ when he gets back to his desk he notices something in his pocket, he proceeds to pull out a gigantic pair of womens underwear- yikes! he also does a thirty second monologue recap, and then a recap in dog language.
- ken tucker, writer and editor for 'entertainment weekly'

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