+with the movie 'horton hears a who' the number one movie of the weekend, craig ferguson decides that he is going to have a special 'dr seuss week'. he admits that he loves to read seuss books, and breaks into a seussian rhyme 'i like to read them to my son, i like to read them while i run. i like to read them in a van, i like to read them on the can! i like to read them by the clock, i like to read them while i touch my... computer!'
he comments on how many movies have been made from seuss' books, but wonders how they would be able to make one out of 'green eggs and ham'. he busts into a movie announcer voice 'in a world with strangly colored food, one man refuses to eat... starring sean connery as sam i am, and william shatner as 'the ham'.'
+ craig sits down at his desk and reads his favorite dr seuss story: 'too many daves' which you can read here.
- laurence fishburne wearing a crazy hoodie. yeesh, is he trying to look like hes 15?

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