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and finally, we come to the episode i was there for! the last weekend of march aaron, jeffry lee, and i all went to visit adam in l.a., and one of the important requirements for my visit was that we would go and see craig ferguson. and we did!!! it was truly an amazing experience.
we arrived at cbs studios around two oclock to get in line for the show. the tickets asked that we be there by 3:45, but we wanted to make sure that we would have good seats (and because i was giddy about it all day and wouldnt leave everyone else alone). at around 3:30 the shepherded us all around the gates into a section of benches. by this point i was vibrating because i was so excited, words escaped me, all i could do was squeal like a little girl. and im not ashamed to admit it. as we waited for everyone to get through security i stopped in the gift shop and scooped up anything that had craig ferguson written on it! once the briefed us on what we would be doing and making sure that we understood that we must laugh- and laugh loudly so the mics can pick us up, we shuffled in. unfortunately they took away all of our cameras at the security check point, so i dont have any photos of the studio or performance.
after climbing up three flights of stairs, we were shuffled into what was a surprisingly small studio. we filled up the seats, which has a shockingly small amount of only 113 chairs! we got second row, and i was elated! a guy came out and introduced himself as the audience entertainer. he informed us about all the ins and outs about the different segments and commercial breaks. he told some jokes to test our laughing volume and and prepare us for the treat ahead.
finally the moment had come, shadow stevens, the shows announcer, introduces craig ferguson. he steps out, and we go wild! wow, there he is, right in front of me!!! ive been anticipating this day for about two years now, and here i am. awesome. he goes through his monologue and i cant catch my breath from laughing so hard! his guests come out one by one, aisha tyler was even more beautiful in person and very charming, richard branson is even more eccentric in person, and quite a trickster (this episode was to air on april fools day after all). and then its over. wow. my life is now complete, i have achieved nirvana. thank you craig for one of the highlights of my life (i am fully aware of how sad that is, but i dont care)!!!

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