+craig ferguson talks about the lie hillary got caught in when she says that she was caught in snipper fire when she went to bosnia. he informs us that cbs who first reported on the story, the funny thing is though that the man who broke the story was sinbad! at which point craig decides to take a stand: 'i like sinbad! you can keep your high class comedians, ill take sinbad any day!'
+ remembering that its 'dr seuss week', craig puts on a seuss hat and gives a 30 second monologue recap for whos, which is given is rhyme.
+ for some reason craig goes off on a tangent about jared from subway. 'he lost so much weight by eating sandwiches- clearly he has a tapeworm!' and then he gives an opinion, which i share, that renee zelwegger is much more attractive when she had the extra pounds she gained for 'bridget jones diary'.
- thandie newton
> dom irrera
+ lately craig has been loosening his tie at the end of the show, but tonight he goes all out and starts taking off his shoes and socks, gets comfortable, and lays down on his chairs 'its just you and me now. i live here, so ive got no where to go...'

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