+ when craig first gets out and introduces the show he begins talking in an old english accent, which he decides makes him sound like an old dickens character, or jeff goldblum... 'no christmas for you!' he then goes on to discuss the movie '10,000 bc' and informs us it is set in the mesolithic period which was populated by many different species of man: the cro-magnon, the neanderthal, and the most archaic- the baldwins, who are always 'snuflin around for treats.'
+ his favorite example of a caveman film is 'one million years, bc' which starred raquel welsh. he shows the famous poster of her in a fur bikini. when he had her on the show he found himself still feeling a bit funny in his trousers... 'i got asked if i would still like to, you know, with her. and ive got to be honest, even at 67 she still wouldnt let me...'
- shanna moakler from entourage

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