+ the latest 'richest man in the world' list has just come out and warren buffett is number one. 'take that bill gates!' says craig shaking his fist in the air, 'who is warren buffett anyway? is it jimmys brother? maybe he made all his money inventing the all-you-can-eat buffet!'
the monologue is especially funny tonight because its obvious that he has a terrible crowd and its an up hill battle for him the whole time. he makes a go of it, but cant quite get them on his side. its quite interesting to see him try to win them back.
+ the next installment of 'prince charles in l.a.: keeping it royal' shows him trying to fend off the paparazzi while going out on a date with shanna moekler. its funny, and shanna is quite funny playing along with the setup.
- wanda sykes from 'new adventures of old christine'
- saffron burrows from 'the bank job' and 'boston legal'
- grizzly bear they actually sounded kind of cool, they had great harmony. oh, and great fake mustaches...

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