+ it seems that craig has created for himself a new catchphrase: 'what can you do? hes-a crazy!' and finds hilarious uses for it through out the episode. he talks about his trip up to wisconsin over the weekend to do stand-up, and reminds us where wisconsin is using another silly map. he mentions that he played in an indian 'gaming facility', and obsesses about how cold it was there!
+ craig posses and interesting question: have you ever seen barbara walters and andy rooney in the same place? perhaps they are really the same person!! he also shows a clip of 'atonement' crossed with his favorite movie of the year: ghost rider! uptight british people with flaming skulls for heads- amazing!
- jennifer beals. she totally has a crush on him!
- carrie ann inaba. a judge on some worthless show, and she laughs too much. creepy.

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