+ craig talks about the fact that after all these years, fidel castro finally steps down. he reminds us where cuba is located with another funny map!
+ an emailer asks a good question: 'why doesnt glue stick to the inside of the bottle?' hmmm...
+ they roll a few funny clips from different oscar nominated movies including a 'no country for old men' spoof that has the killer sucking down the helium- 'call it, friend-o'! also a clip from 'juno' with silly voices.
- andre benjamin. he is appearing in 'semi-pro', and he and craig cannot seem to get off the topic of body hair...
> melinda hill. why do almost all women comedians act like airheads and speak with such ridiculous high voices? maybe im alone on this, but i usually get so annoyed by this that i dont often find them funny.

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