+ craig talks a bit about the upcoming election and all the arguing going on between obama and clinton. he just wishes them both luck by offering this encouragement: 'may the best man win!'
today starbucks was closed for three hours and craig goes off on a great rant about the place. first, he mentions that its named after the first mate from the book 'moby dick'. asks why they didnt just call the place 'moby dicks', then he realizes that name is already taken, its the name of a bar in west hollywood... a wink at the camera, 'call me, ishmael!' a great joke for those who are familiar with the book! well done, craig, way to keep it literate!
+ a little suggestion for keeping a dog busy for hours- put peanut butter in its teeth! oh, it works on old people too...
- regis philbin. he seems to very don rickles like, they seem to share a similar sense of humor.
= alice smith.

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