+craig talks about a swiss inventor who created a new car, based on inspiration from james bond, that goes underwater ('does it have windshield wipers?'). as a little helper, he shows another funny map so we are aware of where switzerland is.
today marks a very special day: craigs gives his new imaginary sidekick a name! all last week craig was feeling sick, and he took doctor prescribed medicine, and started acting especially loopy! he announces that his sidekicks name is davis!!!
+ an emailer asks a very interesting question: 'why do you say welcome back after a commercial break? we didnt go anywhere, and neither did you.' this flusters craig, he says that its just the way things are done. 'its just an expression, like 'i do'...'
+ craig calls the b.s. that is 'american idol'. its just garbage. followed by a new 'simon cowell m.d.' skit.
- tom selleck. hes got a new 'jesse stone' dvd coming out.
- dario franchitti. a nascar driver.

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