+ its leap day, and craig is leaping around in topics to talk about. he mentions a blackout in florida, and figures all the old people werent too shocked, they just thought it was their time to go... except that there was no light at the end of the tunnel- no lights at all! he mentions the movie 'the other boleyn girl' which stars scarlett johanson and natalie portman. 'i think they were already in a movie together called 'underpants pillow fight', or maybe that was just in my head...'
+ an interview with (fake) arnold schwarzenegger has him giving his support for a presidential candidate: 'i support john mcclane for president'. close, but im pretty sure its supposed to be john mccain...
-coolio talking about his youtube series of cooking advice
= dweezil zappa
< jason randal a magician with whom craig seems to really get along with.
craig continues his new friday night tradition of loosening his tie at the end of the week.

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