+craig talks about the latest news that parker brothers has begun developing its popular board games to be made into movies. 'what a ridiculous idea!' he breaks out into a movie announcer guy voice 'in a world where you cant pass go...'!
he goes on to talk about how terrible the whole red carpet this is at award shows. "all it is is gay guys saying things like 'oh, angelina looks terrible in that...' no she doesnt! you are just a bitter old drag queen!" it reminds him of guys who eat the buffet at strip clubs, theyve given up on sex and food.
+ one of craigs frequent guests betty white comes out to help with a gag. she comes out and pretends to be an accountant for pricewaterhousecoopers, the company responsible for keeping the oscar results secret.
- fred willard. he is always so cooky!
- rachel bilson. talking about 'jumper'
+ he seems to be starting a new tradition since the writers strike ended. at the end of each friday night show he loosens his tie and tells us all to enjoy the weekend. i dig it.

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